Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Every day. Every day.

So I am told I need to blog every day. I'm also doing a 365 day photo project and I've found that things I am supposed to do every day make it that much less desirable to do them. However I've ALSO found that if I DON'T do them every day, like exercise, the next thing I know 6 months has gone by and I'm thinking, shit has it really been that long?

Therefore, here I am. Talking to crickets.

Speaking of crickets, I really am interested in learning what that game entails. On twitter probably a good half of the people I follow are from UK and I sincerely WANT to know what they are talking about but so much of it is about their sports, and I'm bad enough at following American sports! I don't know though, that country has always fascinated me, I'm in love with it even though I've never been (hopefully this year will change that!) and I am enjoying learning from my new UK twitter friends what different things mean. It can get pretty confusing. The other day someone I follow was talking about a man having a row with his dog. Naturally, the mental picture created for me was a lovely little stroll down a riverside with a man in a boat taking his dog down the river. It has been since explained that no, the man was more likely screaming at the dog. Totally different picture. I am very much enjoying this.

Well I suppose that's enough for now. Take care, my crickets, until tomorrow.


  1. Hello - ! Found your blog :) I hate being told what to do - and If I ever promise myself I WILL do this/that etc every day I will fail. I'm pathetically doomed like that!
    Cricket is pants - unless it's 20/20 - I don't mind watching that! I am from the UK but I do not understand the rules!! I watch the rugby - but that is mainly for the thighs!! Have a look and follow my blog - you will probably learn NOTHING!!! Nice to tweet you too xxx

  2. Cricket is pants?? WHAT? lol this is going to be harder than it looks. I have a friend here in the states who plays rugby but I never got to go see him play and now we don't live near eachother anymore, all I know is that he came home beat up a lot.

    I'm probably doomed too, but we will see how it goes. My biggest problem is I cannot stand monotony, I get bored doing the same stuff every day it kills me.

    I'll check out your blog as well. Yay! :)