Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Help! I married a misogynist!

Really no clue what I'm doing or where this revelation is supposed to take me, but it has just come to light that my husband, with the exception being myself and our daughters, hates women. HATES them. His own words. I assume his addendum of "except for you and the girls" was supposed to make it all ok, I'm supposed to be relieved and say "well all right then" and go on like I am not seriously insulted. How can you say you hate an entire species except for me, when everything I am and have been in the past 15 years we've been together, is the epitome of all he proclaims to hate?? I knew he didn't like most of my friends, and I knew he never really said much to women in general unless he had to, but until today just made me think he thought I really was just the best so he didn't need to be friends with any other women.
I've given everything I had to this man since I was 20 years old. Followed him around the country, left and returned a few times after he swore he didn't want to be without me, but now?? I feel like a pretty god damn worthless pile of crap.
I should have seen it coming. The other day I told my girls how lucky they were their parents were still crazy about eachother, and he said "well, no couple is perfect". I let it go, because it's true, but now it's nagging me. Why would he say it right then? I'm over-evaluating everything again, the way all women apparently do, which, by the way is one of the many reasons he hates us- I mean them. Not me. Right